An easier way to stocktake

    Stocktaking with your smart phone or tablet

    Use in conjunction with most other systems that have stock items

    Stocktaking with less time wasting errors

    The most effective minimal cost stock taking system



    StockCountR on your smart phone or tablet allows you to send stock taking data to your computer.


    On your computer you can manage products and monitor stock take progress.


    When the stock take has been finalised you can export the results or just print off your stock taking report.

    Easy to use with your own phone or tablet

    You use a real scanner which can be any low cost type, corded or bluetooth, connected to your phone or tablet

    This is much faster and easier than trying to scan barcodes with a device camera


    Dedicated to stock taking only, not a plug in, and can be used in conjunction with any other business software


    Stock take any business with products

    For any business with a large or small stock list, there are no limits

    Stock taking Revolution

    Import your products from your existing system or create them

    You can generate your own product barcodes or just those that are missing

    Try stock taking for up to 50 items free



    A new micro scanner that plugs into your phone or tablet – dramatically faster than using the camera to scan barcodes!





    Stocktake Master
    Your mobile device sends to the Stocktake Master screen which can be installed for free on your Windows computer. Here the value of your stock can be calculated, imported, exported and reported in .csv format if required. The Stocktake Master back end software is available free for download.
    Monitor Stocktake Progress
    Each scanner/device combination is automatically allocated an ID and as the Stocktake progresses, the incoming scans can be viewed on the Stocktake Master for each ID.
    Use multiple scanners simultaneously
    Multiple teams of stocktakers can operate simultaneously.
    Immediate Feedback

    After you scan a barcode, the StockCountR App will display a product description if it is valid. This saves so much staff time as you don’t have to go back to a download cradle and wait to find out what the errors have to be corrected and then re-scan.

    Programmable Data Terminals are now obsolete for stocktaking

    Save on the cost of buying or hiring and programming Programmable Data Terminals (PDTs). Use your own device, phone, tablet or computer for running the StockCountR App.


    Download StockCountR App

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