Purchase a StockCountR Stocktake Event Licence

    Purchase a Stocktaking Event Licence from the website to enable an unlimited number of products to be scanned to undertake a full stock take. For every new stock take at the same location, or a different location, you will need to purchase a new Stock take Event Licence.

    Basic Steps

    • Run StockCountR Control on your pc
    • Import a list of stock items from a spreadsheet file (.csv)
    • Inspect your products in the Product Master screen, make any necessary changes
    • Create a new Stocktake Event Master
    • Start your StockCountR App on a mobile device
    • Start scanning barcodes, counting products and sending data
    • Monitor scans in the Stocktake Event Master, review and accept the Stocktake
    • Run a Stocktake Report
    • Export your results in a spreadsheet file

    Don’t Have any Barcodes to Scan?

    No problems – after you import your products you can create your own internal barcodes and print them off in A4 format.

    You will Need

    • Free StockCountR App installed on an Android smartphone or tablet
    • Free StockCountR stock take master installed on your Windows computer
    • WiFi network to connect your smartphone to your computer
    • A scanner connected to your phone via Bluetooth or a corded scanner with a USB OTG connector

    You can use just about any barcode scanner that has a cable with a usb plug

    OTG Adapter

    A USB adapter is not compatible with an OTG USB adapter. Ensure that the male plug of the adapter is compatible with your mobile device. For example, Samsung phones are Micro USB type.

    Cabled OTG Adapter