User Guide


    You will need:

    • Free StockCountR App installed on an Android smartphone or tablet
    • Free StockCountR Control stock take master installed on your Windows computer
    • WiFi network to connect your smartphone to your computer
    • A scanner connected to your phone via Bluetooth or a corded scanner with a OTG USB connector

                                                                  OTG USB Connectors:



    Basic Steps

    • Run StockCountR Control on your pc
    • Import a list of stock items from a spreadsheet file (.csv) *
    • Inspect your products in the Products Master screen, make any necessary changes
    • Create a new Stocktake Event Master
    • Start your StockCountR App on a mobile device
    • Start scanning barcodes, counting products and sending data
    • Monitor scans in the Stocktake Event Master, review and accept the stock take
    • Run a Stocktake Report
    • Optionally export your results in a spreadsheet file



    (* Or just create your products in the Product Master screen provided)

    Click on the Trial Stocktake icon    on the main screen and this will take you to this screen:

    Here you can save a file (supplied by StockCountR) to use as a trial or test import.

    Purchase a StockCountR Stocktake Event Licence

    Purchase a Stock taking Event License from the website to enable an unlimited number of products to be scanned to undertake a full stock take. For every new stock take at the same location, or a different location, you will need to purchase a new Stocktake Event License.

    License packs of single, 3 and 5 are available.

    Don’t Have any Barcodes to Scan?

    No problems – after you import your products you can create your own internal barcodes and print them off in A4 format. Instructions on printing barcodes are found at the end of this document.


    These codes will be created automatically if they are already allocated in your imported .csv spreadsheet file. Or they can be created manually after importing and assigned appropriately.

    Other Master Codes

    StockCountR Control provides other Master Codes relative to stock items for your optional use, such as Supplier codes. Products can be classified over Departments, Groups, Categories and Styles, all optional.

    These codes will be created automatically if they are already allocated in your imported .csv spreadsheet file. Or they can be created manually after importing and assigned appropriately.





    This screen will display the first time your run StockCountR Control on your pc:

    Note: You don’t need to purchase a License to undertake a trial stock take.

    Name is required, the address details are optional and for your own reference.

    Just 4 steps to import your product list into StockCountR Control

    Step 1: Select a file



    This should be in a .csv format with the column headings that StockCountR needs to recognise

    You can output a Template (empty spreadsheet) to see all the correct column headings



    Step 2: Load the file data into the form



    Step 3: Inspect the data in the grid on the next tab page and make any required changes







    Step 4: Save the data to your StockCountR database


    These screens allow you to review, add, change or delete any of the master type details that you need for your stock take. Masters consist of Products, Other Master Files such as Departments, Groups, Categories or Styles to be able to classify your products and Suppliers.

    Master files will be created automatically when you import products via a spreadsheet .csv. Otherwise you can edit them manually.

    Editing buttons (Add/Save/Delete) for Stock Items:



    or these buttons for Other Master Files can be used for editing and navigation:

    Typically run this after your stock take has been completed and you are happy with the results to be output into a new spreadsheet.

    The output can be filtered by selecting parameters from the drop down selections:

    Click the File Output Option to save to a folder with a meaningful name.

    Creating a New Stocktake Event

    Change the Stock Take Code to a more relevant name if applicable. The Stocktake Event is divided into 4 sections, Info about the stock take you are about to do, Scanner Information, Review and Final Adjustments.

    Download ID

    As stock take data is transmitted via wireless, each mobile sending device is allocated a Download ID. This assists stock take monitoring allowing sections of stock to be controlled more accurately, including printing off a check list which can be placed near the stock being counted. If errors are detected then the batch of scans in the same Download ID can be deleted and recounted.

    Main Stock Take Event Screen

    Setting Up for Scanning

    You need to setup your mobile device StockCountR App for the first time only. The Scanner Information page displays the Server and Port settings you need as per the following examples:

    Scanner Information

    This is the monitoring screen and is updated in real time as the stock take data is sent via wireless from your mobile devices.

    After you finish a Download, all the items that you have scanned will print out if you have selected the Print Out check box and a printer selected. The print out is handy to attach to the area that you have just scanned for later verification.


    Displays every product that has been scanned in the stock take in Download ID sequence. If you are not happy with any of the downloads they can be deleted from here and re-scanned.

    Final Adjustments

    When the stock take has been completed and you are happy with the result, click the ‘Apply Stock Take’ button to finalise your stock take.





     Output a report to show the following columns:


    The results from all stock takes are stored indefinitely and are available for review and making notes at any time.

    Select the Code or click the red arrows on the right-hand side to navigate to any recorded stock take event.


    Connection must be made to your computer before attempting to use the StockCountR App

    Home Screen

    This is the screen ready to scan a barcode:


    Successful Barcode Scan

    Note that the barcode is bordered with green to indicate a successful validation of the product. Also the number pad is now available to enter the count of the number of product items. The quantity always defaults to 1.

    Last Scanned Screen

    The next screen can be a viewed any time to check on the last scanned item and if necessary, delete the scan with the Delete Line button.

    Notice that deleted scans still show however with a strike through the text.


    Setup Options

    Setup options are provided to change theme colours and set Incremental Mode.


    Incremental Barcode Scanning Option

    Selecting Incremental Mode allows you to repeatedly scan the same barcode and the quantity will automatically be incremented.

    As soon as you scan a different barcode the quantity for the previous barcode will be automatically transmitted, instead of you having to tap the ‘Send’ button.

    This may be an even quicker method of stock taking for you, particularly if you are using a small screen mobile device.



    Click the Barcodes image to display a number of generating and printing options for barcodes.


    If you have any missing barcodes you can generate and internal number, then either print the new ones or all barcodes.